5 Common Garage Doors Repairs That You Should Not Ignore

A sturdy garage door is what protects your garage and whatever is in your garage (your car and other items) from harsh weather and from theft.  It is also an important element of your home that helps secure your most important investments.

Just like all the other parts of your house, a garage door that is operated on a daily basis is subject to wear and tear.  Know the common garage door repairs that need to be seen promptly to keep your garage door functioning properly.

  1.  Broken Garage Door Springs

One important part of a garage door that allows it to open and close smoothly is the spring.  A broken spring can cause serious problems that greatly affect the functionality of your garage door.

While it is an extremely common garage door repair, it should be seen sooner rather than later.  It’s important to note that a broken or worn-out spring can be dangerous to replace, hence, it is highly recommended that a garage door specialist will do the repair or replacement.  This will assure you of a safe and quick garage door repair of the springs.

On your part, make sure that all the moving parts, including the springs of your garage door, are lubricated regularly and properly so that your garage door continues to open and close smoothly.

  1.  Electrical Problems

An automated garage door can have electrical malfunction at any time.  When this happens, have your garage door assessed by a professional because it can be unsafe to be doing it yourself unless you’ve had experience with it.

Some of the most common electrical garage door repairs include:

  • The garage door opener is not working, hence the wall switch is not eliciting a response and your remote control is not working as well.
  • The photo eyes or the detection system that’s made up of two sensors located on either side of the garage door is not working. It’s a common garage door repair that is often caused by an obstruction, accumulated dirt, or misalignment. In other cases, the sensors may be busted and need to be replaced by a garage door expert.
  1.  Garage Door Comes Off Its Tracks

Your garage door will move unevenly and will not open and close properly when it comes off its tracks.  The reasons this problem happens are:

  • Some bolts have come loose and caused the track to become misaligned
  • The tracks have become dented with excessive use

This common garage door repair should be addressed by a professional because it can be dangerous if you haven’t had any experience with this kind of garage door repair.  It is also wise to have it checked regularly by your garage door installer to make sure that your garage door operates at its peak efficiency.

  1.  Bent or Dented Panels

Another reason your garage door will not open and close smoothly is when the panels are bent or dented.  Most often, this is caused by normal wear and tear.  As it can be a minor common garage door repair, you can reshape your garage door yourself.

However, if the problem is too much to handle on your own, you can ask help from a garage door specialist who can replace the entire panel or your entire garage door, if needed.  A specialist will have the tools, parts, and expertise to get the job done for you.

Keep up with the maintenance of your garage door panels by sanding, priming, and repainting when you see signs of rust.  Be gentle when working in your garage or when operating your vehicle to prevent dents from appearing on your garage door.

  1.  Worn Out Rollers

All the parts of a garage door wear out with time.  Rollers, particularly, can cause a garage door to stop in its tracks when they become stiff or worn-out.

The best way to repair this garage door problem is to have your rollers replaced.  The rule of thumb is to replace your garage door rollers every five years to prevent much more expensive repairs in the future.

Call and Hire a Professional For Common Garage Door Repairs

A garage door is the largest moving part of a home.  It needs proper maintenance to keep it functioning at its best.  It is recommended that you hire a professional to inspect and maintain your garage door twice every year to maximize its lifespan.

The common garage door repairs that will be needed should also be done by a garage door expert to ensure safety, convenience, and reduced costs by preventing bigger repairs when you make mistakes.