Hero of the 7 days, at the front of an extremely aggressive field – the 22-calendar year-old inauguration poet Amanda Gorman, the well being staff who have been heroes for pretty much a calendar year – has to be the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Not only did he voluntarily return to the state where he was pretty much killed by poisoning, but he marked his instant arrest by receiving his group to launch the most politically devastating residence makeover exhibit of all time.

a bridge over a body of water with a mountain in the background: Photograph: AP

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Photograph: AP

The unwilling receiver of his Kevin McCloud procedure was President Vladimir Putin, the man who conceivably had a thing to do with Navalny’s poisoning and imprisonment, who will be riled over and above evaluate by the film. It states that dollars skimmed from the invest in of medical tools (among other resources) paid for a $1bn, 18,000 sq metre Italianate top secret palace on a clifftop Black Sea estate a number of moments the dimensions of Monaco. Via the comprehensive use of satellite and drone footage, snaps by making employees and architectural drawings, the movie provides to your monitor the complex’s tsarist eagles, its underground ice-hockey rink, its purple pole-dancing location, its private theatre, its space for toy automobile racing, its £40,000 side table with a constructed-in bar. As Lanfranco Cirillo, the palace’s hitherto obscure architect, has rightly explained: “There is a huge variance involving an high priced household and a stylish, sophisticated household.”

a close up of a hillside next to a body of water: The Black Sea palace that Navalny’s team alleges was built for President Vladimir Putin through an elaborate corruption scheme.

© Photograph: AP
The Black Sea palace that Navalny’s crew alleges was developed for President Vladimir Putin by means of an elaborate corruption scheme.

You have to speculate at its sheer bodily repulsiveness. It type is world-wide kleptocratic (see also the palaces of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Donald Trump), exactly where hamfisted can take on historic intervals fuse with an 007-ish notion of glamour that hasn’t moved on much from 1970s resort casinos. Was it truly worthy of expending all all those decades cosying up to gangsters, and lying, cheating, bullying and looking at your have again, to conclude up in this machine for misery, which vacuums what is still left of your soul from the recesses of your remaining, even as its visual atrocities poke you continuously in the eye? In a twist laden with schadenfreude, it turns out that the palace is being substantially renovated. It was so badly constructed that it is infested with moist.

Long gone but not forgotten

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Speaking of heroes, I have earlier celebrated Aaron Van Langevelde, the Republican law firm on Michigan’s board of condition canvassers who, in the confront of extraordinary strain, voted to certify Joe Biden’s victory in his state. Which, of system, implies that the Michigan Republican bash has, with out inquiring Van Langevelde’s view, selected not to renew his time period when it runs out at the end of the thirty day period. I don’t know if term of this column ever reaches Lansing, Michigan, but I’d like him to know that round below his name will reside for at any time.

Genuine Indian flavour

The India Club in the Strand, London, is a piece of 20th-century background. It was launched in 1951 by the India League, the group initially shaped to campaign for the independence of India, whose supporters incorporated Jawaharlal Nehru and Bertrand Russell. That mission achieved, they set up the club to even further their goal of cultural comprehension in between India and the United kingdom.

Its uncomplicated, democratic eating area and its shabby-genteel lounges recall variations of each London and of India that are fading absent, which inevitably usually means that it is beneath danger. Its landlords, having failed with a scheduling application to change it with hotel rooms, are now climbing the lease by 80% and providing recognize to quit.

The club is at this time campaigning to help save alone. I wish them all achievable luck in resisting what would be a different flattening-out and smoothing-about the earlier.

• Rowan Moore is the Observer’s architecture critic