(Pocket-lint) – Each month we’ll be taking a look at the best new apps in Huawei’s AppGallery – which gives you all the apps you’ll ever need on newer Huawei phones like the Mate 30 and P40 series as well as older Huawei devices.

This month we’re looking at Giblins Fantasy Builder – a brand-new castle building strategy game. In the game, you’ll get to build and manage your ultimate fantasy castle. But that’s not all, you’ll need to amass a fortune with the help of Giblins, industrious and mischievous goblin-like creatures that you’ll need to put to work. You’ll need to cultivate your workforce, allocating new jobs and collecting and hatching eggs to increase their numbers. Each Giblin has its own ability level and dream job: it’s up to you to get the most from them. 

The Giblins will need to excavate new areas and mine for lost resources. They will dig and then craft and produce valuable goods and weapons. You’ll need to sell those weapons and goods and entertain the Adventurers in your castle – they’ll journey from across the lands to purchase wares from your shop and enjoy the comfort of your castle. You will need to carefully balance harvesting resources and producing the items you need in time to fulfill your clients’ desire for epic gear!

Have you got what it takes to build and run the best castle enterprise in the whole of the Giblins realm?

Giblins Fantasy Builder marks the second time Huawei is working with developer Behaviour Interactive to bring their latest game to AppGallery. Behaviour Interactive has worked to integrate specific Huawei capabilities such as Account Kit and In-App Purchases to make the transition to the app seamless for users.

Huawei Account Kit enables you to quickly sign in and start playing in the shortest time possible. In-App Purchases (IAP) enable you to buy extra content and features as you need to. 

Wayne Meazza of Behaviour Interactive says that the company were “very excited” to work with Huawei on the launch of Giblins Fantasy Builder on AppGallery. “We’re confident the game’s fantasy imagery, humorous tone, and fun pop-culture references will entice a wide variety of players, bringing fun and excitement right into the palm of their hands.”

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