Our homes have become the (only) safe place to be throughout the global pandemic. Suddenly, our lives depend on how we can accomplish everything within the walls of our houses. While spending more time in our own space comes with its benefits, it certainly does have downsides as well. Drawing the line between work and play has become harder, resulting in more stressful days than before.

Despite the downsides, our isolations give us a chance to actually enjoy the space we live in. Pre-pandemic days tended to fly by, without us realizing that we’ve barely been able to just sit back and relax. The abundance of time spent within these four walls makes us notice everything wrong with it too, with some of us developing a hankering for a full-blown makeover.

How Staying (Literally) Lit Helps You Stay Focused


While working from home has its perks, its convenience is also its greatest downfall. The tendencies to relax for too long are too high, making us less productive than usual. Finding a space where we can focus helps keep distractions at bay (at least until after office hours), giving us a chance to stay sharp and get that bread!

For some of us, we’ve had to make do with whatever space left we’ve had in our homes. Fixing the light to the perfect brightness can help with our dwindling attention spans, ultimately letting us have more time without any backlogs. Setting up our workspaces to be a conducive atmosphere also lets us take control of our productivity, giving us the freedom to work any time of the day.

Work Well(-Lit) With These Home Office Lighting Solutions!

Quarantine got us depending on the internet for DIY solutions to our problems. As we wait for things to normalize, we have to find ways to adapt. 1STOPlighting offers an impressive array of lighting solutions that we can add to our home offices, giving us that ray of light for added motivation!


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I know what you’re thinking: ‘why would I ever want a chandelier in an office?’ Aside from being the perfect pièce de résistance, centralized lighting lets you work any time of the day. A massive fixture also lets you veer away from adding a table or stand lamps to maximize office space. Some of us wake up before sunrise, and chandeliers or big ceilings lights immediately brighten up the room to wake up our system. We all know how hard it is to work when the atmosphere’s too dark and cozy; a bright room can help you jumpstart your brain into beast mode!

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Ceiling Fans

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If your workspace is filled with windows or located in a warmer area of the house, a ceiling fan will improve its circulation. While stand or desk fans also do the trick, the idea is to have a smooth breeze to keep you cool, not blast off into a chill that could rock you into sleep. If you’re worried about lighting, some ceiling fans come with a lighting kit that lets you get centralized lighting as well! Like chandeliers, this lets you save on space since home offices are usually smaller compared to other areas of the house. You’d be hitting two birds with one stone by getting light fixtures like these – brightness to wake you up and a gentle breeze to keep you relaxed.

No need to worry about uprooting the lights or a pre-existing fan in your room in case you’ve already settled with them, 1STOPlighting offers a variety of fixtures that lets you keep them!

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Wall Sconces

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For some of us who work better at night, this type of light fixture is the perfect addition to your home office. Unlike the first two types that mimic the brightness of the sun, wall sconces illuminate specific areas, making them perfect for multitasking! You can add reinforced, dimmer, eye-level lights in areas to keep you focused, or adjustable swing-arm sconces for that extra hand. These fixtures are significantly low-key as well, making your minimalist dreams come true.

Check out Wall Sconces here.

Track Lighting

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Whether it be for that dramatic effect or to let your creativity show, track lighting helps emphasize specific areas to keep you focused. With the right setup, these fixtures will keep you focused, and keep your work area well-lit without overwhelming the entire room with excessive brightness.

See Track Lighting that you can add to your home office here.

Desk/Table Lamp

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Ah, the simplest of them all! If you’re pretty much set with your work area, revamping would be the last thing on your mind. Adding table or desk lamps to your station could give you the extra lighting you need without ruining the vibe you’ve worked so hard to achieve! Since they are portable, you can easily move them around the room when you have to, or when you feel like spicing things up in specific areas.

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This pandemic has forced us to learn to adapt in order to survive. With no clear end in sight, we need to find ways to keep our lives going without throwing ourselves at risk. Finding the perfect balance between work and our time at home may be tough, but we are currently left with no choice. The perfect home office will give us the boost we need for motivation, letting us thrive in both work and play!

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