A home based business is a great alternative to going to college and racking up all that debt. Most people, when going through the education system are taught that they should pass their exams and go into higher education like a university or a college.

But have you seen the fees that you can rack up over a four year degree? It can run in to tens of thousands. Are you someone who is considering what career to do for the rest of your life? Do you really want to take on all that debt like all your friends will? Can you really be sure that you will end up with a job that pays so well you can clear that debt in no time?

Would it not be better to have no debt in the first place?

Perhaps you have never considered starting your own business. After all the education system is built on the assumption you will go and work for someone else and make them rich. Yet consider some of the great entrepreneurs of the world like Richard Branson. You will often find they were college drop outs who did not want to tow the establishment line.

They wanted to do business their way, so the only option was to start their own. Why don’t you do the same?

Up until the arrival of the internet the entry costs to starting a business were so high they put most people off. Rent, wages, advertising, legals and accountancy costs all added up to great capital outlay at the start, with little revenue coming in.

Now with the internet you can test the market, do low cost advertising with little capital outlay. You can even sell other people’s products and let them take care of all the shipping and customer service. All you have to do is collect your commission.

So, what are the home based business options to you? The two main ones are network marketing, also known as MLM and affiliate marketing.

Network marketing has been around for many years but has had a large drop out rate. Building a huge down line is necessary to generate an income to live off. This down line is built from talking to strangers, or the cold market, most of whom say “no”. Weary of all this rejection, people give up.

The internet allows you to reach out to people on a mass scale and invite them into your business. Your leads in effect pre-qualify themselves as being interested in your business, so your conversion rate is always going to be higher than if you were talking to complete strangers in the shopping mall.

To have people come to you involves giving them value, that is showing them how to succeed on the internet. It does NOT involve you pitching your opportunity as was done using the old methods.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows web publishers to market on line the products and services of businesses who are looking to generate additional sales without the expense of advertising. The web site publisher takes on the expense of building a website to advertise a product, and is paid a commission when a sale is made.

The benefit to the company selling the product is that they only have to pay a commission when a sale is made, and for the website owner, they have no involvement in shipping the product, or dealing with customers if there is a problem.

So rather than go to college for four years, and build up huge debt that may take you ten years to pay off, consider building your own business now. Become an entrepreneur and be the master of your own destiny.

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