Keiser delivers a conservationist approach to his initiatives. He and his father, Mike Keiser, drew inspiration from Aldo Leopold’s “A Sand County Almanac” when producing Sand Valley, found in Adams County about 100 miles from Madison. In the text, Leopold describes what would occur if the land was restored to the time right before agriculture pines had been planted. 

Sand Valley now options 10,000 acres of restored savanna prairie with the target of exceeding 200,000 acres.  

“As it relates to (Leopold’s) ethic that can be used wherever, I consider just one of the massive takeaways for me is that you require to have a public private partnership to definitely start to restore and fix landscapes at an industrial scale,” Keiser said. “If your purpose is to truly do it on an industrial scale, govt can not do it by yourself nor can private passions, and there demands to be a partnership.”

According to Knepp’s memo, the proposed design and style would restore indigenous habitat, improve biodiversity and endorse the extensive-expression health and fitness of the landscape. 

Keiser has seen achievements at modeling how European golfing classes are used by the community, which is to encourage a wide variety of takes advantage of and activities, at Sand Valley. At the resort, the climbing and body fat tire biking regions are built-in into the landscape that also includes golf.