Selling commercial property is not an easy task. The most common thought that comes to most when selling property is which real estate agent to choose. There are thousands of real estate agents that are listed in the phone book, online, advertised on television and in the street. So who do you choose?

Never go with your first option – there are so many real estate agents to choose from, so you should always research agents thoroughly. Selling your property is an important decision, so make another important decision by choosing the right real estate agent. Find out how below:

• First, try to use someone that is reliable. The best way to find out who is reliable is by seeking candidates that your friends or family have used in the past. These people will be able to give you a truthful and firsthand experience of what it was like to work with that particular real estate agent.

• Next, make a list of multiple agents that appeal to you. Book a meeting with these people to get a feel from them. If you do not think that the people you are interviewing are trustworthy, then move on. During these interviews, talk about your needs and how this person can meet them. The person or people that meet your needs and who you feel comfortable with should stay on your list.

• Third, ask all of the questions you need answers to, so you can get an idea of how much they know. How these agents respond to the questions will help you to make your decision. Such questions may include how long the person has been working for, a list of references, tools that the person uses and any special certifications this person may have.

• You want to work with someone that you feel compatible with. Selling a commercial property is not like selling a shirt. This process takes a long time with continual communication. You want to work with someone who you feel comfortable with and that you can freely talk with about the situation.

• In many cases, it is good to work with an agent who has dealt with selling commercial properties and has also worked in the same price range that you are thinking of selling your property in. It is likely that your real estate agent will be comfortable negotiating in this price range and be able to get you a price you are happy with.

• Another benefit of the real estate agent is if he or she has sold and is familiar with the neighbourhood where your commercial property is located.

• Lastly, the schedule of you and your agent should be compatible. Communication is key in selling property, but if you and the agent cannot find a common ground in your schedules, it is unlikely that the partnership will turn out favourably.

If you follow these tips to choosing the best real estate agent to sell or lease your commercial property then you should be well on the way to being a happy landlord or even a very wealthy vendor!

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