Choosing to list a home independently rather than using a realtor can save thousands of dollars. However, failure to properly advertise a home that is listed as “For Sale by Owner,” or FSBO, can cause the home to remain on the market and not sell. FSBO homes are actively competing with homes listed by real estate agents who spend a great deal of money and time actively marketing their more popular listings. As a result these listings are prominently displayed and highly visible to potential buyers. FSBO homes can be effectively sold when effectively advertised and displayed.

Since many sellers choosing to list their home FSBO have little to no advertising experience, many websites have been created to guide homeowners through the “For Sale by Owner” process. These sites do cost money, however the expense is generally thousands less than a seller would pay to list their home through an agent.

When selecting an FSBO site it is important to carefully evaluate several important factors to insure that the money spent will actually help to sell the home. While choosing to list a home FSBO can save thousands of dollars, the money will only be saved if the home sells. Therefore, it is important to wisely consider and select the best FSBO site for your needs, even if this means spending a little more.

Prominence Matters

There are many websites available to help owners showcase their “For Sale by Owner” homes. Some are well known and highly trafficked, other companies offer much less exposure due to the fact that they are not well-known or popular sites. Selling a home is simple mathematics. When more potential buyers see a listing, more will visit for a showing. More showings will result in the possibility of more offers. Offers lead to the eventual selling of the home. It makes sense then that having many people view the home listing is critical to eventually selling the home. Choosing a well-known company with a popular site is very important.

MLS Listing Number

Obtaining an MLS listing number will insure that your home will be accessible to potential buyers and real estate agents as they perform searches. Failure to obtain an MLS listing number will result in much less visibility for your home. While an MLS number can be obtained on your own, it is wise to remember that the best FSBO sites generally include them in all of their packages. Before selecting an FSBO service, be sure that they will be able to provide this critical home selling tool.

Customer Service

Many FSBO sellers encounter questions and frustration as they attempt to market their home. The many tasks required to effectively sell a home can be daunting. This is especially true for customers with limited technological expertise. It is important to have additional help available should questions or problems arise during the selling process. Examine potential FSBO service’s customer service policies and availability. Be sure to select a company that has a policy that will coordinate with your needs and schedule.

Professional Website and Materials

It is unwise to select any FSBO service without first thoroughly examining their website and promotional materials. A professional looking website, free from grammar and spelling errors, indicates the company’s ability to effectively market your home. Find a service with an attractive website. If they include promotional materials in your package like signs and flyers, be sure that these also look professional. You are paying for every element included in a package and it is critical that these elements will be able to be used to attract potential buyers. Unprofessional materials and websites may actually repel the customers that you are trying to attract.


Many different FSBO services offer a variety of packages to meet individualized needs. Each package carries different benefits and can include a variety of valuable extras. These can include signs and flyers for marketing purposes, professional photography of the home to use in creating the listing, or guarantees which offer money-back if the home is unable to sell. These extras can be valuable tools and should be considered as various companies are weighed.


Since you are choosing to sell your home FSBO, cost savings are likely an important consideration. However, it is important to consider value in addition to cost. Determine the reasons behind each company’s pricing method. Some may be more expensive but worth the additional value, while others may cost less and in turn provide much less. Weigh cost and services provided to select a company that will provide the best value.

It is impossible to compare FSBO listing services by price alone. Website prominence and visibility play an important factor in determining package pricing. More prominent companies generally charge more than their lesser known competitors, for good reason. You are paying for every aspect of an FSBO listing service and website prominence is a key factor.

Making your Decision

While choosing to list a home “For Sale by Owner” can save thousands of dollars, success is dependent on effective marketing and advertising. FSBO services can provide an effective and useful marketing element when selected wisely. A good FSBO service is worth an investment because it can help to make sure that your home actually sells.

By selecting a reputable company with a prominent website, you will be able to showcase your home to many potential buyers. Since every service is different, it is important to select the best service to increase the likelihood of selling the home. An ineffective FSBO service is a waste of money and time.

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