Choose a deep breath, hold it for a second, exhale. Feeling better? A very little far more centered? Excellent. Then it really is time we talked about a little something significant. 

It can be the conclude of January and you still haven’t tackled any of your New Year’s resolutions.

Which is Ok! It can be beautifully understandable provided how 2021 has absent so much. But with a new administration at the White Property, you can lastly stop checking your phone just about every 30 seconds to see if one thing new has blown up. 

It really is time to use that freshly freed mind place to address your mess of a dwelling workplace. 1 of the finest means to increase productiveness and focus is to declutter your place. But what if we could make it a place in which you may be far more physically engaged and have a lot less aches and pains at the finish of the day? We can do that too. 

Here’s all the things I’m utilizing right now to kick the interruptions of 2020 (and the very first couple of months of 2021) to the curb.