You may not realize how many job positions fall under the title of contractor. In fact, many contractors work to erect one house! The supervisory contractor is in charge of overseeing the construction site. He will be there during the entire construction project making sure all the workers have the materials they need to complete their jobs, and ensuring quality construction. The supervisor may be the general manager or he may be hired by the general manager to oversee this particular job site whenever other workers are present.

Electricians – Before the walls are closed with drywall, an electrician will run electrical wires throughout the home for various outlets, lighting, appliances, and other electrical features that are specified in the blueprints. Once the walls are complete, the electrician will install outlet covers, overhead lighting appliances and other electrical elements.

Plumbers – The plumbing pipes will also be installed before the walls are closed. Later, he will return to install fixtures such as bathtubs, showers, toilets, a dishwasher, sinks, and any other plumbing appliance the home owner has chosen.

Septic Installers – These contractors also fall into the mechanical category. They will work with plumbers to allow waste to exit the home safely into a septic tank or other system supplied by the city.

Drywall Specialist – Drywall is erected, closing in the frame and providing individual rooms and hallways within the house. A drywall contractor is one of the first finishing work subcontractors to come for the final steps before it’s time for the new owners to move in!

Painting Subcontractor – Once the drywall is complete, the painter will come to add color to the walls of this new home. If the home is being custom built for a family, they will have chosen colors for each room. Otherwise the general manager may hire an interior decorator to choose colors for a home that he will be selling once it’s complete.

Flooring Specialist – Whether wood floors, tile, linoleum, carpet or other flooring types are chosen, a flooring subcontractor will come to install each type based on the blueprint for various rooms.

Roofing Subcontractor – No house is complete without a roof, and a roofing subcontractor comes to install whatever type of roof the owner has chosen.

House Siding or Brick Subcontractor – Before the indoor walls are complete, the outer walls must be erected to keep out rain and debris. A subcontractor with experience in siding, brick, stone or any other outer wall choice is usually hired.

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