Who likes to be uncomfortable? Nobody. However, you can define this discomfort different ways. You might be mentally uncomfortable on the one hand, or physically uncomfortable on the other. As an example, if you have a poorly sealed house and the outside weather seems to be getting in, you will from time to time be physically uncomfortable as you will be either hotter or cooler than you want to be.

Turning to mentally uncomfortable, there’s nothing worse than finding that the air leaking into your home is adding substantially to your utility bill which arrives at the end of the month. We don’t like spending more than we have to and you are definitely going to be outside of your comfort zone here.

Basically, we have to consider energy efficient insulation for homes that help us to keep things equitable around the year. Good insulation and perfectly sealed homes will help us not only to save money on our monthly bills, but will also mean that we don’t have to spend so much when it comes time to replace our heating and air systems. A more efficient home allows us to buy more compact HVAC equipment.

Think about a comprehensive energy audit to see how much air is leaking from the house. You’ll undoubtedly be surprised at what this tells you and you may find that even though we know that heat rises into the attic and therefore this should be the biggest problem area, doors and windows may be more of a contributory factor than we thought.

Are you basically uncomfortable in your home and find that when you move from one room to another the temperature seems to be varying? It shouldn’t be, ideally, so why don’t you get a thermometer and check to see where the variance is? If you find a 10 difference, you need to take action.

If you have an older property you probably don’t have energy efficient insulation for homes. You also have probably never had one of those comprehensive audits. You’ll be surprised where some of these problems arise, especially if there are locations which have been opened up to allow wiring or pipe work, which were never sealed when found to be superfluous.

Some experts estimate that older homes can have cracks and gaps that allow air to escape, the equivalent of a fairly large, open window! You would consider someone else to be crazy if they left a window open in the height of summer or during the dead of winter, wouldn’t you?

You don’t always have to consider expensive options when you approach insulation efficiency for your windows and doors.

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