Diamonds and Purrls was just one of 53 Massive Cats for Kids produced in 2006-07. Sponsors willing to put up $5,000 have been lined up for every single of the cats, which were being then adorned by artists and put on community display right before currently being auctioned off to raise revenue for the Otis Smith Young children Basis, which helped at-chance elementary college small children in Jacksonville. The basis closed in 2007.

It was the next these types of fundraiser for the basis. In 2004-05, the Sea Cows for Children project made 43 manatee statues. A later generate in 2007-08 saw 25 fiberglass sea turtles produced to increase money for the Little one Direction Middle. Together, the 3 drives raised about $500,000.

Bonnie Upright, who now operates the Upright PR firm in Jacksonville, was at the rear of all 3 fundraisers. She reported she’d really like to uncover out what transpired to all of the figures. Some are even now publicly exhibited, while others are in backyards or enterprises. She mentioned she’ll even now find just one unexpectedly from time to time, such as a few that have been redone above the several years, but she doesn’t know exactly where all of them have gotten to.

“I do not believe I at any time considered about them remaining out this lengthy, so I’m happy to see them in somewhat fantastic shape,” Upright stated.

They are constructed of fiberglass about a metal frame, so it’s not probably that they’ve fallen aside, she stated. But the exclusive creative complete on each of them will not last permanently and some are possibly in line for a Diamonds and Purrls-like makeover. ManaTina Turner, a sea cow embellished in the style of the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Tina Turner, is future up on Stump’s to-do checklist.