There are two types of real estate deals that you will come across. First off, and most popular, are the homes that are being sold by a real estate agent. Secondly, for sale by owner homes are also becoming more and more popular. There are pros and cons that go along with both ways of selling a home. And of course, these pros and cons also have an effect on the way that the buyer looks at the deal.

If you are interested in selling your home, you need to decide early on if you are going to get the help of an agent or attempt to do without. When it comes down to it, for sale by owner homes are not as popular as those by agents, but the percentage is beginning to pick up. As a seller, you may want to consider selling your home by owner. The fact of the matter is that selling by owner is more difficult, but at the same time it lends more flexibility as well as profit potential.

Here are three benefits of for sale by owner homes from the seller’s point of view.

1. When you sell by owner you do not have to pay a real estate agent for their assistance. Instead, you get to pocket all of the money that you clear on the deal. This is the number one reason that people consider the for sale by owner route.

2. For sale by owner homes are not regulated or influenced by any insurance company or agent. In other words, the seller can do whatever he or she wants. This includes everything from setting the price to the marketing plan. Many people love this flexibility.

3. Selling by owner means that you do not have to take advice from an agent. Although it is nice to have the help of a professional, sometimes an agent will do nothing more than get in the way.

To go along with the benefits of for sale by owner homes, you must also consider some of the negative impacts that this is sure to have on your life.

1. You are responsible for every last detail when you sell your home by owner. This means that you have to come up with a price, do your own market research, show the home on your own, and much more. The short and long of it is that when you sell by owner you have more work to do.

2. You may find out that buyers shy away from for sale by owner homes. They are under the impression that they will not get a fair shake if there is no agent involved. For this reason, you will have to work extra hard in order to attract traffic, and of course, eventually make a sale.

There is no denying that for sale by owner homes are becoming more common. Many sellers have found that the benefits of selling on their own outweigh any drawbacks that could rear their ugly head. Before you can decide on selling your home without an agent you need to consider the pros and cons from every imaginable angle.

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