If you have a home and you want to sell it, you may be thinking why do you have to use an estate agent to sell your property. Why can’t you just put up a for sale sign, then hey presto! Your house is gone. The technical term for a person that wants to sell there own home is FSBO, which stands for “for sale by owner”. You may have heard the success stories of people that have sold their homes, and now you are thinking about doing the same thing.

Before attempting to sell your own property ask your self if you wanted to invest some money would you ask for financial advise?

This question is relevant because most people see their home as their biggest asset.

There are a number of reasons way you should use a Realtor or estate agent to sell your home.

Contacting lenders

If you want to sell you home your self you will have to contact different lenders such as the bank and credit unions and mortgage companies. Instead of doing this the Realtor can do it. When you speak to a Realtor they will give you a better understanding as to how much you may need to take out as a loan. He will also find you the best company to finance your home.

Realtor flexibility

Using a Realtor will give you way more choices. If you have price that you have settled on for your home, a professional can use his contacts to find you the best opportunities. In a lot of cases there are a lot of unadvertised opportunities that are not advertised. It’s only your Realtor that can make them available to you.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to use the help of a professional when selling your home. Instead of selling outright they may be able to get a swap done that is beneficial to both parties. In short the use of a professional is less stressful. If you have your own contacts you can still do it your self but that’s your choice.

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