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An alcoholic builder who choked his partner though dreaming he was cage combating has told a jury he did not intend to get rid of her.

Bradley Souto  31, from Derby, mentioned he awoke mattress to uncover himself choking his girlfriend Rebecca Jackson with his left arm.

Souto, who drank 18 cans of cider a night time throughout the worst of his alcoholism, said he jumped up, switched on the bed room light and saw the encounter of his then girlfriend and mom of his little ones was purple.

a large orange truck in a parking lot: Bradley Souto, 31, who choked his partner while dreaming he was cage fighting has told a jury he did not intend to kill her. Pictured: police at the scene

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Bradley Souto, 31, who choked his lover while dreaming he was cage fighting has told a jury he did not intend to eliminate her. Pictured: police at the scene

He told his attempted murder demo that he quickly called his mom ahead of phoning an ambulance as he ‘panicked’. Skip Jackson survived. the ordeal.

The father-of-two is on trial at Derby Crown Court immediately after becoming charged with the tried murder of Pass up Jackson at their Farm Push property in November 2019, and he denies the charge. 

Supplying proof in his defence he said: ‘I dreamed I was component of a UFC (Greatest Battling Championship) combat which is a variety of cage combating.

‘I was dreaming I was looking at myself from the outdoors, from ringside, watching myself choking anyone from driving.

‘I woke up and realised Rebecca’s respiration was not right. I believed to myself “make sure you God, no” and I jumped out of bed and turned the bed room light-weight on.

‘I seemed down at her, her face was puffy, purple, dim pink.’

Souto claimed he was ‘terrified’ when he woke up and was unable to rouse his girlfriend.

He claimed: ‘I panicked, I did not know what to do, I rang my mum, I failed to know if she would be alive considerably longer.

‘I reported to my mum “I imagine I have killed her” and she explained to me to ring an ambulance, which I did.’ 

a train is parked on the side of a building: The builder told his attempted murder trial at Derby Crown Court (pictured) that he immediately called his mother before phoning an ambulance as he 'panicked'

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The builder told his tried murder demo at Derby Crown Court (pictured) that he immediately named his mother right before phoning an ambulance as he ‘panicked’

The demo, in its next 7 days, heard how Souto and Skip Jackson had been in a romance for 10 many years.

In 2018 his alcoholism spiralled to the extent he was consuming as lots of as 18 cans of Strongbow cider per night.

His consuming prompted Pass up Jackson to leave the family home with their small children in January 2019.

She returned in the May possibly of that yr after he promised to slice down.

Offering her proof on the first working day of the trial, claimed she woke to come across Souto strangling her as they lay in bed together at all-around 10pm.

She said she listened to her then husband or wife say to her ‘don’t stress this is not going to choose a great deal longer’.

Pass up Jackson said: ‘He had his arm all around my neck, it was so tight, seriously truly tight, I was definitely having difficulties to breath.

‘I just imagined I was going to die, I assumed “this is it now, I am at the conclude of my life now”.

‘My major fear was leaving the young children without the need of a mum, I absolutely enjoy my young children. I just considered “I won’t be able to consider he’s accomplishing this to me, I am lifeless”.’ 

On working day two of the trial the 999 phone Souto produced was played at Derby Crown Courtroom.

In it he advised the phone operator: ‘I ran a rampage, I choked my girlfriend out she’s very purple in the encounter.

‘She’s likely purple and red, I did it to her, I choked it her, I am really afraid, I would like to maintain her alive, I have done this myself.’

The demo proceeds.

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