Every kind of home poses its own particular home security risks and challenges, and manufactured homes are no different. Besides the obvious concern that they are, in fact, one of many of a similar design meaning a person could easily master how to break into one and break into a hundred more, there are certain features of a mobile or prefabricated home that pose other safety concerns. In many regards, home emergencies like floods and fires are far more dangerous to a person in a manufactured home than to an individually constructed house in the same area. Here are some of the reasons why, and the home security risks manufactured home owners or dwellers should look out for.

High up on the list of dangers is fire. Many times the materials a manufactured home is made out of are not only extremely flammable, but extremely toxic when burned. There are many types of woods and plastics which will not be easily put out once aflame that go into many manufactured homes, especially those made more than ten years ago. This doesn’t mean, however, they are any more at risk of catching fire as long as the inhabitants take certain fire safety precautions very seriously. Begin by using good common fire safety sense and not doing things like overloading electrical outlets, leaving space heaters plugged in and turned on while away or overnight, regularly maintaining gas, electric and furnace connections, never leaving the stove unattended while in use, and of course keeping flammable items out of the reach of youngsters. Installing a home alarm system with fire detection is a good move that will not only give you the fastest possible warning of danger, but have the authorities on their way immediately. Keep several universal fire extinguishers in areas of the home like the kitchen and bedroom.

Another big concern is the use of gas in a manufactured home. There are two main ways the gas can harm you or your loved ones: by starting a fire and by inhalation. Should anyone suspect a gas leak, it is imperative that the house be vacated immediately and the gas company called. Know where your gas shutoff valve is, and ask the technician to show you how to operate it the next time he or she comes by if you don’t already know how. Due to the usually small size of a manufactured home it is a good idea not to use gas heating, as the space can quickly fill with deadly fumes.

Other concerns have to do with the size, foundation, and location of the home. Floods can be big concerns since the foundation of a manufactured home is not always as well laid as a fully constructed home. Dangers like freezing pipes can be caused by a lack of insulation coupled with the occurrence of a freak storm in usually warm areas. Finally, a lack of homeowner’s insurance is usually the biggest obstacle a manufactured home owner faces in getting back on his or her feet. Stay safe and maintain home security by heeding the above warnings and precautions, and always being a contentious home owner!

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