Selling your home yourself can sometimes be a daunting task. It is important that your selling plan covers the basic ingredients of selling your home. Covering the six main ingredients such as: location, condition of the property, selling price, terms of the contract, the market conditions, and home staging & re-design will insure your success when selling your home.

The location of your property is an important selling point. A great neighborhood with great schools should reflect the pricing of your home. Popular areas bring top dollar. You will want to highlight your neighborhood assets when your preparing your marketing plan. Be sure to include real estate statistics, local school information, local stores, and restaurants.

The condition of your property is extremely important. In today’s buyers market, buyers are not willing to spend a lot of money updating or remodeling a property. They are looking for the perfect package. So make sure your home is properly maintained and updated. Remember, you want to make the best first impression.

The price of your home is the number one consideration when selling your home. In order to compete in any market, you must be competitive. You must have the best product and the best price. Buyers are picky. Make sure you do your market research on the local competition before setting your price.

Terms of the contract are very important. Here are a few questions to ask yourself. What is included? What about contingencies? The decision is yours to make, just be clear and concise in your terms. Details are what buyers are looking for in a great buy. Be sure to include as much detail as possible.

Beware of market conditions. Know what market you are in before deciding to sell your home. In a buyer’s market, the inventory is high and buyers have a lot to choose from. In a seller’s market, inventory is low and buyers are often times more willing to buy and do some minor updating. The good news is that homes are sold in both markets, you just need to plan your selling strategy accordingly.

Home staging & redesign is an important element in the selling process. Staging your home will help you compete in any market. Home staging & redesign is a process that takes you through the task of preparing your home for sale. De-cluttering, packing, organizing, and accessorizing are elements of home staging. Once completed, you have the perfect package to present to your buyers.

It takes all six ingredients: location, condition, price, terms, market conditions, and home staging & redesign to be in agreement for a sale to take place. Be sure to include all six in your marketing plan. Using this simple recipe will ensure that you are competitive in any market.

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