So you want to sell your home, without going crazy? Hopefully this information will get an offer or two in your hand. To start, I am going to give realtors a plug here. I am a licensed Realtor, and builder in the State of Michigan. I would always recommend that you use a Realtor when selling your home. Without going into too much detail, here are a few good reasons to use a licensed realtor. You have thousands of real estate professionals trying to sell your home for you instead of one person. Due to their access to qualified buyers, you will probably net the same amount of money from your home (after commissions) but sell it much quicker. They have access to the MLS which is an invaluable tool when it comes to moving property. They are also aware of all of the disclosures, and legal issues involved with each one.

With that disclosure out of the way for this article, I am going to assume that you are taking on the task of selling by owner. Let me also preface this with a known fact. Houses don’t sell for one of two reasons or sometimes both. Either it’s priced wrong, or it’s not getting enough exposure. So let’s take care of first things first. Before you even think about marketing, you have to price your home at or below market value. The best way of doing this is not to walk down the street and grab a few brochures from your neighbors and price your house accordingly. Hypothetical pricing models do not determine market value. Homes that have actually sold determine market value. How can you find out that information? Simple, ask a realtor. Find a reputable realtor in the area. Tell them that what you are planning to do. Be upfront with them. Tell them that you are planning on selling the home yourself and that when that happens, you will come back to them to purchase your next home. Sign a buyer’s agent contract to put them at ease. They will quickly and happily give you a Brokers Price Opinion. The best part is that it will cost you nothing. The only one that pays real estate fees is the seller.

Now if you really want them to give you the honest market value of your home, don’t tell them the magic number that you have in your head for what you think your home is worth. They might be hesitant to give you an accurate price point so as not to offend you. Bring the realtor to the property, and give them the specs on it, such as age, bedrooms, baths and such. Then give them the ball, and let them run with it, and bring it back to you with a nice neat price tag on it.

Remember pesky reason number two why a house doesn’t sell? Not enough exposure. Now that you have the right price, let’s make sure that people are going to see that price. Let’s market your home. Where do we start?

1. Start with a sign. Make it simple. Announce that it is for sale, and put your number on it, and put out a brochure box with full colored brochures. By the way, if have a title company in mind that you would like to close with, call them up and let them know, and they will create, and print your brochures for pennies. Now this part is very important. We live in a fast paced society, where efficiency is a must. Buyers are internet savvy. 85% of them start looking for a house on the internet. So what do you need to do to capture those buyers?

2. Get your house on the internet. Create a single property website for your house. It will cost around $100. Make sure that when you have your professional yard sign made, remember to have the website printed on the sign. Usually these websites get weekly syndication. This will help you reach more buyers. Also, these type of websites usually have lead capture systems, so that you can track how many people have visited the site, and they can contact you hassle free through e-mail to ask questions or set up a showing.

3. Have open houses, and advertise it in the local newspaper. When you are putting your add together, make it short and to the point. List beds, baths, address, price, square feet, phone number, a photo and the website that you have created. Yes you will get a lot of nosy neighbors, but you will also get some genuine interest. Have one every 3 months or so. Make sure that when you advertise in the newspaper, that your home has an online presence as well. (on their website) That will also attract visitors to your personal property website. Sometimes you have to request it.

4. Put your home on Craigslist. It is the largest classified website in the world, and lots of buyers start looking there. And it’s free!

5. If you are part of a social networking site like Facebook or my-space, make sure that all of your family and friends know that you are trying to sell. Most likely they will help spread the word. Post a link to your single property website.

That’s all there is to it. Follow these simple marketing techniques, and you will be one step closer to getting your home sold.

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