Kinds of materials

Materials have unique properties that make them handy for unique work opportunities.


Most metals are potent, tough and shiny products that can be hammered into distinct shapes with no breaking. They are very good conductors of warmth and energy and some are magnetic. Their properties make them beneficial for objects this sort of as cutlery, saucepans, automobiles and coins.


Plastics are components produced from chemical substances and are not located in character. They are potent and water-resistant. They can be manufactured into any condition by implementing heat. Plastics are not magnetic. They are good insulators and do not perform warmth or electricity. They are employed to make items like luggage, bottles and toys.


Glass is produced by melting sand and other minerals jointly at incredibly substantial temperatures. It is typically transparent and can be built into distinctive styles. Thick glass can be potent, but slim glass breaks effortlessly. It’s utilized for objects that need to be clear, these as windows and spectacles.


Wood will come from trees. It is strong, adaptable and prolonged-long lasting. It is an insulator of warmth and electrical power. It’s applied to make points this sort of as furnishings.


Materials are made from slim fibres woven with each other. Distinct fabrics have diverse qualities. They can be stretchy (a pair of tights), insulating (a woollen coat) or absorbent (a towel). Materials are utilized to make clothing as they are adaptable, heat and do not have on out quickly.