Wine coolers are readily available nowadays and you can find them everywhere. Wine enthusiasts and wine lovers are more inclined to buy a wine cooler than those who just drink it occasionally. Being an oenophile (strong wine lover), you may look for buying a luxury wine cooler

Irrespective of your home’s design or availability, you’ll be able to discover a wine cooler that meets your needs whether it is a narrow wine cooler or a small cooler.

How to choose a wine cooler?

There are a variety of factors that help us to buy the best wine cooler. Some of them are energy efficient which shows that they don’t use gasses to keep the space cool and are proven to be greener than other options. With different styles, wine coolers are available in a wide variety which makes it possible for the customers to choose wine coolers according to their needs. From classic to modern, they can even match the furniture of your home – the customization options are available in different shops. Moreover, the ageing of wine is extended when there are amazing temperature controls with consistency.

Budget your purchase properly!

If you’re convinced to buy a luxury wine cooler, take some time and think about the budget you are going to set. Making rash judgments can not only lower the property’s value but will also put your finances at risk. 

Why are wine coolers expensive?

Different reasons contribute to the higher prices of wine coolers. We can say that a wine cooler is different from your standard refrigerator which defines the capacity differences. You can store more wines in a wine cooler and it is specifically designed for the wines. Another reason can be the additional features that people want in their cooler to enjoy extra convenience. Last but not the least, some people want to match the looks of a wine cooler with their home design, which costs them a good amount.

How much does a wine cooler cost?

Every product’s cost is defined based on quality, manufacturing, power, and size. In the case of a wine cooler, the cost will depend on the type of wine cooler based on technology, design, and usage. 

  1. Freestanding wine coolers: For these types of wine coolers, installation is not required for which money can be saved. As the installation is not needed, the price ranges from $500 to $5000 based on the features and customization requirements.
  2. Single zone wine coolers: This type of wine cooler only has a single temperature setting which saves money for the buyers. It also ranges from $500 to $5000.
  3. Compressor wine cellar: As compared to other types, it is very expensive as it doesn’t make any noise and no leakages happen. These range from $300 to $2000+ and as your customization preferences increase, so does the price.
  4. Built-in wine cooler: Built-in wine cooler requires proper installation as they must be integrated into the home. Depending on size and features, they range from $200 to $1200+.

We also have three-scale wine coolers. The wine cooler’s investment cost increases as your requirements increase.