THE LOOK: Modern farmhouse interiors with black or dark fixtures are big on both coasts, says New York interior designer Gala Magriñá. “We’re moving away from heavy, ornate, crystal, and overly done light fixtures, to looks that are sleeker, lighter, cleaner, and more modern.

Homes are like so several facets of lifetime. If you opt for to not see what you do not want to see, it’s less difficult, and generally, a lot less highly-priced. Overlooking the peeling paint, the wood rot, the stained carpet, and the worn-out appliances is just a lot more easy.

So it was with my gentle fixtures. Considering that shifting into the Happier Yellow House a few years in the past, my spouse and I have had a extensive to-do listing: refinish the wood flooring, paint all the walls, incorporate designed-ins, get window treatment options, switch the roof, and re-landscape. As a consequence, I turned a blind eye to the dated light-weight fixtures overhead, preferring to stay blissfully in the darkish.

Then, a single day final month, I appeared up. There they have been, a collection of brooding, darkish, dated, overwrought light fixtures, like a little something out of the dim ages. My denial vaporized. Once you see, you are not able to unsee. I hopped online, obtained informed, found some design and style support, and built a string of hard alternatives. I indicate excess-power-headache-pill rough ― What end? What design and style? What measurement? What shape? What will go very well collectively?