Are you tired of trying to make ends meet, just so you can pay the rent for a rental property that you believe doesn’t justify how much you are being charged? Are you looking to invest what little savings you have on a house, but you can’t afford the down payment that your mortgage broker is asking for?

Well, there is another option. Have you ever thought about investigating a Lease-to-Own program? These programs could be the answer to your rental hell. One of the best things about Lease-to-Own programs is that your money starts working for you; no longer will you need to waste your hard earned money on a place that you will never call your own.

Worried that you don’t have enough down payment? Don’t be. Lease-to-Owns on average require between 2% and 5% deposit which is directly credited to your down payment when you purchase the home at the completion of the program. Worried about your credit score being too low? Don’t be. Lease-to-Owns will provide counseling and advice to ensure that you improve your credit and put yourself in a position to secure a mortgage at the end of the program.

The concept of Lease-to-Own has really opened up many opportunities for people who cannot obtain bank financing, for whatever reason. Concerned that is sounds complicated? Lease-to-Own programs are really quite easy to understand. Basically, you rent a property you had a hand in selecting for a specific time period (usually 2-3 years), stipulated in the signed, legal paperwork. You will pay a little more than the average rent, this is called the monthly option premium. This premium is credited towards your down payment at the end of the program just like your deposit is. You can also earn money in a Lease-to-Own program. True. You can earn up to a $200 credit towards your down payment per month just for paying on time. This is on top of the option premium as well. As you work your way through the Lease-to-Own program, you will be working on improving your credit score and accumulating down payment credits towards purchase of the property. At the end of the program, you apply for bank financing and take complete ownership of the property. As we said, the process is really straight forward and is a sound investment in your future.

Lease-to-Own programs are great because they enable people to make choices that will improve their life and financial situation where they thought none existed. Lease-to-Own can provide a smart and sound solution to your situation. They can work for just about anyone but especially for people that don’t qualify for traditional bank financing right now but want to enjoy the benefits of home ownership today.

Intrigued? What are you waiting for then? If you want to own your own home, you need to contact your local Lease-to-Own company and find out how their program can work for you!

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