It seems that everyone today is trying to “go green”. Going green is basically the movement to be easier on our earth. The more pollution we cause, the more we will end up suffering. We have limited resources, so preserving the ones we have is becoming increasingly important. Moving can be especially unkind to mother earth. Big trucks, cleaning products and cardboard boxes are just some of the components of moving help it take its toll on our planet.

Simple Living
Perhaps the biggest way to make moving easier on the planet (and yourself), is to not get as much stuff to begin with. If you do have excess, get rid of it. Many people have far too much anyway, and less is always more when it comes to being green. You could have a yard sale, or put it on anyone of the various websites that will help you sell your items. With less stuff to pack comes less rental truck gas to burn.

Get either used or recycled cardboard boxes to pack with. Any time you can reuse or recycle should be taken advantage of. This means less waste.

Waste Not!
Another option for packing your belongings in is to rent moving boxes. These are sturdy packing crates that get dropped off to you and picked up after you move. The benefit of this is that not only are you not creating more waste (they are reusable AND recyclable), but they are more sturdy than cardboard. They are well worth the extra pennies it takes to rent them.

Use Paper Products
Another good practice is to use old newspapers instead of bubble wrap while packing breakables. You probably already have them, and paper is friendlier on the environment than plastic. You can also use some of your linens and cushions to protect your fragile belongings.

Avoid Non Green Chemicals
Buy cleaning products that are environmentally friendly to scrub the houses (both the one you are moving out of and the one you are moving into). They can be found at most major retailers now, and in many cases are much less toxic to people and animals.

Check Your Moving Company
If you hire a moving company, either hire one that uses green methods or ask the company you hire to do so. If they see that it is important to their customers, and they want to stay in business, they will do it.

When it comes to the environment, it is true that every little bit counts. Every little change can make a big difference. Going green is more achievable than many think it is, especially while moving. All it takes is a little bit of knowledge and anyone can help save the earth, little piece by little piece.

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