It is vital for a certified nursing assistant to take extreme care of patients at nursing homes, sometimes even beyond the call of duty. Often, due to negligence in patient care and delay in responsiveness, certain mishaps occur. Nursing homes along with nurse aides have to face charges for the same. When you undergo CNA training, you receive education on how to prevent accidents and avoid possible injury to patients.

Negligence is usually when a CNA fails to perform obligatory duties at the proper time. These may include failure in feeding patients leading to their malnourishment, patients’ skin catching infections due to improper bathing and visibility of harsh bedsores in bed-ridden patients because of failure to turn them periodically. In addition, failure in maintaining a perfect sanitary environment also constitutes negligence.

Patients should not suffer or become ill due to negligence on the part of a certified nursing assistant. When you opt to become a CNA, your duty is to fulfill all the responsibilities regarding it. You need to appear committed and caring toward patients and be responsive to their call. You can avoid negligence in patient care by doing your work seriously with true dedication and by having a kind heart toward patients.

Inattention toward patients may harm them, causing severe damage to their health. It may also disturb their process of recovery. Moreover, it may also hamper your record of accomplishments and slow your chances of growth in the field. Nursing homes expect you to offer basic care to disabled and elderly patients and assist them in their routine activities.

Due to carelessness at nursing homes, patients’ relatives may file charges against you. It may even result in your loss of job. In the worst scenario, your career as a certified nursing assistant might end with a revocation of the certificate.

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