When it comes to the design of a professional commercial real estate office, ‘point of sale’ material should be incorporated into the design of the reception area and meeting rooms. The same ‘point of sale’ material should be taken to all meetings with clients and prospects as part of an overall marketing strategy.

At every opportunity we must be prepared to cross sell or comprehensively sell our property services and solutions to prospects and clients

This says that salespeople should be able to pitch for property managements and similarly the property managers should do the same in reverse.

Here are some ideas to incorporate into this marketing initiative.

  1. The profiles of your sales and property management teams should be displayed for clients to review. This will include some form of simple brochure and testimonial for each salesperson and each property manager.
  2. Business cards for every member of the team should be available on the front reception desk. The business cards should clearly display the skills and specialties of each individual salesperson or property manager.
  3. The quality listings that you have on your books currently should be in some form of property display. Your professionalism in the process will indicate to other clients that you really do promote your property listings at every opportunity. Given that this display is in your front reception area, the material, facts, and information has to be totally up to date.
  4. If you have been involved with larger properties and notable properties in the local area, show details of the transactions including photographs, testimonials, and positive results. Clients like to know that they are dealing with successful agencies and sales teams. Have proof of that for them to see.
  5. Given that you are commercial real estate specialists, it pays to have some information brochures relating to and serving the clients that visit you. Specifically this can be industrial property, office property, and retail property. You can also cover the topics of sales and property management in different ways.
  6. Get some testimonials from previous transactions and happier clients. The testimonials together with photographs can be displayed around the walls of your reception area.

Marketing material can be created around specific themes and branded with your office logo and contact details. Considering that your services are all client related, the marketing material needs to solve problems and provide solutions for visiting clients.

Here are some topics around which the marketing material can be created:

  • The profile of your local agency
  • Investment Property Sellers guide
  • Investment Property Buyers guide
  • Investment Property Landlords guide
  • Tenant questionnaire and checklist
  • How to relocate your business in a new commercial property
  • The advantages of professional commercial property management
  • The methods of sale in today’s property market
  • Research information relating to current sales and current leasing in the local area
  • The advantages of exclusive listings to market your property for sale or lease.
  • Marketing strategies for today’s property sale

A selection of point of sale material like this above and displayed in the reception area will help convert more enquiries and close more listings.

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