Sage Design discovers the benefits of utilizing a self-erecting tower crane in dwelling building. Because of to the easy mobility, compact footprint and substantial lifting capability of the Potain Igo MA 21, Sage Design was capable to build a log property in the mountains of McCall, Idaho.

“This crane is a massive value saver, and it also saves us time and labor,” mentioned Pete Loerzel, operator at Sage Development. “We’ve applied other cranes a lot of situations in preceding jobs, but it is our first time functioning with an electrical crane and the strengths are just apparent.”

Project highlights:

  • Sage Building constructed the two-tale property from the floor up working with the Potain Igo MA 21 — transferring bags of cement, flooring and roofing supplies.
  • The Potain crane’s silent, electric procedure authorized workers to communicate proficiently whilst the device aided roofers in transferring components.
  • The compact dimension of the crane enabled the device to to be quickly positioned into put, without having the need for extra roadways or possessing to minimize trees down.

Self-erecting tower cranes are starting to be a game changer in the residence design field by finishing tasks limited by place and point out rules. Just not too long ago, Pinetop Custom made Properties, also, used a Manitowoc Potain self-erecting tower crane to assemble a solitary-loved ones household in Idaho.

These equipment have the skill to operate from just one single set placement, eliminate the will need for numerous items of equipment and decrease labor costs — supplying enough rewards to the residential house market.