Everyone has a dream of building the ideal home for oneself and family. The purpose of any home is to provide the maximum comfort level, as well as full protection from the natural elements and other dangers. The quality home building features to look for when building a home would be a strong structure, proper lighting and ventilation, and features that would reduce the utility bills.

Your home should be designed in a way that lets in the maximum natural daylight. For that it is necessary to have the proper orientation of the house structure on your property. You should plan your house in such a way that the most lived-in rooms should be located along the south edge of the house, and the rest of the structure should be spread along an east-west axis. The important rooms facing the south will be bright and sunny. Generally people like to be in rooms that have natural light coming in from two sides. So it is better to design the room orientation, with windows providing natural light from at least two sides.

A building feature that can create a sense of intimacy or privacy is the height of the ceiling. In rooms that are more private, the ceiling height can be 7 feet. Rooms that are meant for small gatherings can have 8 to 9 feet high ceilings. Places meant for large gatherings and lot of movement can have ceilings that are 10 to 12 feet high. A higher ceiling can improve the air circulation in a house, but will also bring up the cost of heating. Many people feel the need to have a fireplace, and it is important have it in the right place and designed correctly. When a fire is burning it will usually suck the air for combustion and you will feel a draft of air coming through the openings in the window or doors. To eliminate this draft you can fix glass fireplace doors provided you have a vent, so that the combustion efficiency is not reduced.

Another important aspect that requires careful consideration is the flooring of your home, and you should consider the durability and the maintenance cost of the material you are going to choose. Hard flooring materials like marble, granite, tile and concrete, require less maintenance and are much more durable. These type of surfaces are ideal for living room areas and kitchen where the surface is put to a maximum of walking around and there is a constant spillage on the floor. Softer materials which are more comfortable on the feet like carpets can be chosen for bedrooms and study rooms. Another factor to consider in flooring is the safety. Hard materials are usually smooth and slippery, so you should get a finish which is designed to minimize the danger of sliding. Also carpets need constant cleaning and care, as they harbour dust and dust mites.

Always use materials that are low in volatile organic compounds, as this will improve the quality of air inside the house.

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