Turning a strategy as aged as “My Most loved Martian” into a little something fresh new and funny is not simple, but “Resident Alien” in some way manages that, fueled by its dark, offbeat tone and Alan Tudyk’s otherworldly ability playing the title character as a stranger in his personal skin. Standard twists also enable, in a serialized dramedy that turns the Dim Horse comedian into a wonderfully addictive sequence.

The only small cautionary be aware is that in spite of the wide character of the comedy — Tudyk’s awkwardness falls somewhere in between “Starman” and the masquerading aliens in the film “Galaxy Quest” — the at times-raunchy material is not for youthful kids, who otherwise would almost certainly enjoy it. Older kinds, by contrast, may possibly identify with this peculiar visitor’s unfamiliar bodily sensations, which approximate a belated brush with puberty.

Tudyk’s “Harry” has appear to Earth on a mystery mission, but his ship crashed, and he misplaced his valuable cargo. He hides out around the town of Patience, Colorado, as he appears to be for the gadget that will allow for him to satisfy his goal — an E.T. who just cannot go residence, and one who’s quite cranky about the total scenario.

Further complicating issues, Harry has inadvertently inhabited the human body of a physician and is sought out by nearby authorities to aid examine a body soon after what appears to be a unusual murder.

The mystery forces Harry to interact with folks, one thing he has largely averted for months when educating himself to communicate by watching “Law & Order” reruns. Of study course, the cop present does not really assist with his awful, explosive laugh, or minor items like how to consume a warm canine and his very first brush with alcohol.

As soon as in city, other head aches emerge, the most vexing being a area child (Judah Prehn) who — in anything of a fluke — can in fact see Harry in his alien guise where by other humans cannot. The alien’s 1st thought, the natural way, is to destroy him, although allowing absolutely everyone imagine the boy’s nuts — which include his parents — may possibly get the work finished just as very well.

Potentially even extra uncomfortably, Harry truly begins to really feel a degree of fondness for some of the townsfolk, specially Asta (Sara Tomko), a nurse at the regional clinic. Staying a doctor, he’s also observed as oddly suitable, bachelor-clever, despite his penchant for employing crude slang at inappropriate times, these as when he’s speaking about medical ailments.

Tailored by “Family Guy” author Chris Sheridan, “Resident Alien” possesses the quirky qualities of a reside-action cartoon, capitalizing on Tudyk’s weirdly endearing general performance, which will make you root for Harry even with his occasional homicidal tendencies. The actor’s voice-above abilities (from animated series to the robot in “Rogue A single: A Star Wars Story”) serve him, and the content, really very well.

There’s also a touch of “Northern Exposure” in the roster of modest-town eccentrics, which tends to make it a minor a lot easier for Harry to hide in basic sight. Adding to the intrigue, afterwards episodes introduce figures investigating the alien danger, a person of them performed by “The Terminator’s” Linda Hamilton.

Provided the twists and turns, there’s often the danger that “Resident Alien” could start out to exhaust its premise still, if the writers can maintain the inventive orbit proven by its opening batch of episodes, it seems to be like the variety of collection that could increase its keep indefinitely.

“Resident Alien” premieres January 27 at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.