Shared and leased office spaces, also sometimes called serviced offices are the growing trend now. They have their advantages and disadvantages as a solution like any other business solution, sure, but then obviously the upsides are more, otherwise they wouldn’t become so popular. While sometimes it can be a little difficult to not have all the resources to your own personal disposal, the fact remains that there is a lot of flexibility, cost efficiency and other advantages attached to the use of shared office spaces.

Cost Efficiency

The biggest advantage for anyone who uses a shared office space is cost efficiency. Imagine what would it mean to have to rent or lease an entire office for yourself and then to have to also rent a fax/photocopier machine, to have a coffee machine or a coffee making pot and to hire a receptionist, all by yourself.

At the same time, it’s always cost efficient to have a person to collect your post and mails along with those of others, to be able to share a fax machine, photocopier and a coffee machine, facilities and to not have to hire a cleaner, guard, receptionist etc. all by yourself and yet be able to use these facilities.


Another major advantage of common office spaces is the flexibility. This means that you can actually customize your payments and use of facilities based on your need.

If you’re a web designer who mostly will work from home, but would need the meeting room once or twice a week, then you can lease it that way and can look for a place where you do not need a dedicated cabin. Or maybe you could negotiate a contract for the use of meeting rooms as and when required and might not even need to sign a long term lease contract.

If however you’re a lawyer with a very good practice but do not see any reason why you should buy or rent a proper chamber, leasing an office space where the receptionist will direct your visitors to you, take messages and mails and the ability to use the common fax machine etc.

So, basically you can be flexible about the facility you use and the amount you pay to the company/person/business you share your office with.

Business networking and sharing expertise

For most startups or small and medium businesses it is advantageous to have relevant business networking. This means that if you’re a lawyer and you share an office with an insurance agent, it’s most likely going to benefit both of you. Or if you specialize in divorce litigation, it might make sense to share an office space with a lawyer who handles criminal cases, or for a physiotherapist, leased office space with a doctor might make absolute sense.

Otherwise also, even if you’re all from different business areas, it’s good to be able to socialize and network in general. The camaraderie is a huge advantage in itself. Sometimes insights from other businesses help you explore possible new avenues for your business as well.

Serviced offices might need a well thought out homework before signing a lease or a rent agreement, but you can always opt for office space providers who provide plug and play services, in order to take best advantage of this business option and the ability to operate professionally.

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