With so many homes dropping value quickly, more and more sellers have decided to sell without using Realtors. Such homes are considered “For Sale by Owner” or FSBO for short.

Many home sellers who decide on FSBO are not fully prepared to market their homes. Real estate marketing, especially today, is a complex and sophisticated undertaking. One aspect of real estate marketing today that adds to the challenge of selling your own home is the changing nature and uses of the internet in real estate sales.

Most Realtors will promote their businesses with websites, and this can be an attraction to a home seller. The challenge is this: how good is the Realtor website? And how well does the Realtor use the internet for marketing and selling homes?

Over 90% of the Realtor websites I review are not fully optimized for internet marketing. This means they could do a lot better job when it comes to using the internet to sell homes. I coined a new term to describe the problem but also the opportunity you face.

Instead of FSBO, try FSBI: “For Sale by Internet.”

  • A FSBI house is one that is actively marketed as a product online.
  • It has its own website, with great photographs and descriptions.
  • It is optimized for Google and other search engines.
  • It will get search engine traffic in the form of people looking to buy a house in the very community where you live.

If you set things up right the internet can sell your home for you. It’s time you considered FSBI instead of FSBO.

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