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Dream Dwelling Makeover is a pleasant small clearly show on Netflix in which Shea and Syd McGee go about doing work their magic in other people’s residences. It is the best palate cleanser immediately after a whole day of seeing from afar as folks angrily assault just about every other on the internet and probably signing up for into the insanity oneself. There is one thing so exclusive and authentic in watching an individual see their dwelling turn into even additional pleasant than they have ever imagined with clever touches and tasteful decisions this entirely nice and seemingly all-all around superb couple offers.

So it is not my intention to poke as well a great deal exciting at Syd. But his functionality at the close of the next season’s premiere episode was absurdist theater. Having set the final touches on a job for former BYU guard Travis Hansen (nicknamed Elder 8 Mile for his resemblance to Eminem), the triumphant artist took the prospect to get a handful of shots up in an massive particular health club embossed with the Genuine Madrid symbol.

It did not go very well.

We have not noticed taking pictures like this considering that Jesse Katsopolis. Probably it was a clever homage. If so, have some mercy. out?v=N8Dm3r967DQ

Credit to McGee for permitting this to make the remaining slash. A considerably less confident individual would have insisted all copies of the footage be burned, then buried, then dug up, then burned once again, then run over with a outdated Soviet tank. Would that we could all be so secure.