Many factors make park model homes attractive. Rising fuel prices have contributed to the popularity and increasing demand for these type of homes. The rising costs of traditional real estate in recent years has also added to the demand for more affordable homes for retirees.

this type of home is also relatively affordable when compared to Recreational Vehicles. Park homes have become an attractive option due in part to their increasing good looks.

they are movable resort homes that are designed exclusively for part-time recreational use. Upscale in appearance, they can include an electric range, frost-free refrigerator, bay windows, hardwood floors or carpeting, cathedral ceilings, window treatments, and covered patios.

Park homes are affordable, when compared to the purchase price of condominiums or site-built homes. Park homes are ideal for those who are interested in seasonal residence, or just looking for a vacation spot to use several times annually. They provide attractive, well-appointed homes with living space ideal for the retired or holiday couple or small family.

There are several reasons to consider a park model home. You might consider a one as a vacation home. You can place a park model home in one of the many resort communities throughout the West and enjoy relaxing vacation living throughout the season.

A home also makes a good income properties. They can also make excellent guest homes, being a perfect option for guest housing. They offer all the needed facilities for long or short-term visitors.

Park models are also make a great replacement for an RV. If the comfort an RV can provide is insufficient for your needs, then consider and investment in an RV park model as this could be the right solution for you.

Park cabins are the perfect solution for those outdoors enthusiast that enjoy simple comforts of a cabin as well. These models are constructed in a residential style with interior features, such as carpeted flooring and taped and textured side walls and ceiling.

The appliances, cabinetry and fixtures are selected to complement the residential look and feel of this interior. The exterior features a variety of wall materials typically finished with exterior paint.

The floor plans are generally designed for the long-term occupant, and include a complete master bedroom, large bathroom and full kitchen and living room area. For those of you who don’t know, a park model is kind of a miniature mobile home.

A park model home is larger than a trailer you see people pulling behind their cars, a motor home, or even a 5th Wheel. But, not as large a mobile home that many of the retirees live in. The trailer is transported to the site, set up, and left there for the year or longer.

They are also a good choice as a cottage if local ordinances allow it. Travel trailers and park model temporary housing units, which made up the bulk of FEMA’s temporary housing in the Gulf Coast, are not required to meet HUD Code standards.

Park model homes offer resort styling and give you access to natural scenic locations, participation in in vibrant adult communities and a healthy lifestyle.

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