The latest marketing tool to assist home sellers are websites that allow you to host your own property site. You have a dedicated site with your own address, bandwidth space, and hard drive space to store pictures. These sites are used by potential buyers and sellers from all over the globe instead of just your local area. For those who are selling their home without the help a Realtor, it is an absolute must to have a listing on not just one of these sites, but as many of these sites as feasibly possible. The advantage of using a Realtor is that they are good salespeople and have connections. You have to make up for a potential lack of salesmanship and connections by utilize every advantage that you can.

On many of these sites, you can create a free account, and get images and a description up very quickly. These sites and designed intuitively, so you should not have any trouble figuring out how to upload images and design your page. Many of these sites are starting to use templates, or designs which are already pre-made, so that you don’t have to worry too much about the layout. All you have to do is paste information about your home that you should have available anyway. And upload plenty of pictures to the site. These sites allow you to change the description any time that you want, and they will let you keep your site as long as you need to.

These sites will definitely get you more leads, and at the very least, they will help you offset the disadvantage of not knowing all the local buyers or having the connections that a reactor has. You should definitely look at successful ads on the site, to see how you should design your own advertisement. The chances are that you have very little experience in selling homes compared to a Realtor, so an easy way to make up for this experience is to copy the best method.

Don’t ever copy the words from an ad, instead try to copy the style and the methodology that the advertiser used in order to get a lot of hits on their ad. Many times it involves the use of pictures, but more importantly is to use detailed descriptions that are stimulating and draw the buyer’s curiosity to come view your property in person.

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