Netflix’s ‘Dream Home Makeover‘ revolves around the home renovation projects undertaken by Syd and Shea McGee and their company, Studio McGee. In each episode, the designer couple takes the viewers to the home of one of their customers. While there, they talk about the changes that would be made to the property and what the homeowners want. With their artistic vision and skills, the McGees provide their patrons with the opportunity to live in a house they had always dreamt of.

Over the years, the show has garnered a dedicated fanbase. The show’s third season premiered in 2022, and fans are curious to know more about the homeowners that availed the services of the McGees. Well, here’s what we know about the current whereabouts of the people featured in season 3 of the home renovation show!

Where are Cindy and Robert Braniff Now?

Season 3 of ‘Dream Home Makeover’ started with Cindy and Robert O. Braniff’s home in San Marcos, California. With a stunning view of the Californian landscape and the ocean, the couple could not be happier with their home. In fact, the two used to live just 9 houses down the road but moved into their new home for the scenic view.

The pair’s decision to shift came after Robert suffered a cardiac arrest due to a congenital heart condition. Not willing to procrastinate their dreams, the Braniffs decided to take the leap and get their dream house. However, they hoped to update their kitchen and remodel it to fit the contemporary aesthetic and contacted the McGees. As of writing, Robert works as a realtor with The Jonville Team. He also serves as the principal of Braniff PrintSolutions.

Where is Mary Daniels Now?

Based in east Salt Lake City, Utah, Mary Daniels’ ‘Dream Home Makeover’ season 3 was not easy. Originally from Tennesse, Mary is the owner of Lillies of The Fields, a thrift store she opened to help anyone who needs her support. The shop can be found at 1401 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. Mary’s house originally belonged to her friend Lyle who left it to her after she took care of him for the last 12 years of his life.

One fine Sunday, Mary contacted the McGees to remodel her primary bedroom. However, on the Wednesday of the same week, her house burned. Determined to move past the hardship, Mary rebuilt her home from scratch. Seven months later, Syd and Shea started working on Mary’s primary bedroom and hoped to provide her with any help she needed to bring life to her new home.

Where are Liz and Neil Now?

Liz and Neil were one of the earliest McGee clients as the designer couple helped with the interior of their home in salt Lake City, Utah. Soon, Liz and Neil decided to work on their second home in Southern California. The new property has several bedrooms and other bathrooms, along with swimming that one cannot help but envy.

While the McGees mainly worked remotely for this particular property, they made occasional trips to see the implementation of their vision in person. Both Liz and Meil hoped to bring joy to their family and friends in their home and provide a beautiful and cozy home to live in. Liz and Niel have three children named Luca, Max, and Bode.

Where are Bobby and Andrea Munier Now?

Robert “Bobby” and Andrea have a son Truman and a daughter named Izzy, who they adopted at birth. They also have a son named Kemari, whom they started caring for when the British teenager was 16 and formally adopted him at 19. While the Muniers have made several changes to their backyard and home over the tears, they availed the services of the McGees to remodel their basement.

Both Bobby and Andrea hope to spend their lives in their home in Draper, Utah. The basement is the only place the Muniers had not worked upon. They wished to make it a comfortable place to enjoy as a family and occasionally invite friends. As of writing, Andrea is the COO of Brighton Hospice and is also an Adjunct Professor at Salt Lake Community College.

Where are Michelle Xie and Ross Galloway Now?

The McGees traveled to San Francisco, California, to renovate the home of Michelle Xie and Ross Galloway. Their house is more than 95-years-old and has several rustic features. Michelle hoped to have her parents live in the same home in order to bring up her son, Sky, in a multi-generational home. However, she did not want Ross to feel conscious by living in the same space as his in-laws.

Michelle and Ross’ historical house has two separate suites at different floor levels. The couple decided to avail the services of the McGees to make the top level a comfortable space for them and their son. Michelle’s parents would live in the lower suite. The family of 5 likes to travel and recently traveled to Niagra Falls and Hawaii. Sky, the baby of the family, recently celebrated his first birthday in May 2022 and has quite a following on Instagram and YouTube.

Where are Briana and Josh Sawyer Now?

Briana and Josh Sawyer appeared in the last episode of ‘Dream Home Makeover’ season 3 in hopes of remodeling their dining and living space. Their house is from the 1970s, and the couple has renovated their whole house room by room in order to fit their aesthetics. However, the large living space proved to be a bit challenging. Hence, the Sawyers availed the services of McGees to solve the issue.

The room is also home to Briana’s piano that her parents bought for her and means a lot to the woman. The couple has two children as of writing. Their middle child, Connor, was born with a heart defect, and the family was able to spend only five months with him in 2017. However, they keep special mementos to honor their son in their home. Their living space is decorated with several hill-based items as a nod to their long-lost son.

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