Once you make a decision about where to relocate, that’s when the work really begins. Packing, loading, transporting and unloading are all huge responsibilities. Get it right and you’ll have a hugely successful relocation. Get it wrong and you’ll wind up paying far more than you should have.

Long-Term Benefits of Quality Moving Supplies

One of the main reasons that the transportation process goes bad is use of makeshift and poor quality moving supplies. Relocation is expensive. People look to save money any way they can, and not buying quality moving supplies is usually one of the first steps. The problem is that this savings often ends up costing more in the end due to damage to property.

Moving Boxes

After you make a decision about where to relocate, your next step should be high-quality moving boxes. If you buy them now, you can buy them online and enjoy bulk savings without buying bulk. The other advantage of buying now is that you can start packing now. It’s best to start packing at least 30 days in advance, and it’s never too early to start, so start now.


Don’t cut corners on labels either. Marking a box directly is an option, but those markings can be difficult to see. Packing labels are large, clear and easy to mark. Loading and unloading is a lot easier when you can look at a box and identify it quickly. There are also stickers available to mark boxes as fragile, by room and so forth.

Packing Tape and Wrap

Packing tape is clear and specifically designed to adhere well and remove easily. You can get by with other types of tape, but it’s just going to make the process slower. Also, buy an ample supply of bubble wrap and use it often. Bubble wrap is inexpensive and provides a lot of protection to anything wrapped in it.

Packing Foam

Packing foam, also called packing peanuts and packing popcorn, is vital for filling out moving boxes. The main reason stuff breaks during transportation is because it comes into hard contact with something else in its container. If you remove the spacing in a moving carton, then you eliminate the chance that your belongings can move around inside.

Pads and Blankets

Pads and blankets are vital for protecting items that are too large to box. You can use bedding blankets, but those inefficiently take up much more room than is necessary. Note that most moving trucks include pads and blankets, but there is an additional fee for using them. If you buy them once, then you’ll have them forever.


Once you make a decision about where to relocate, then the difficult work begins. A key to a successful relocation is the budget, but don’t just trim the budget by cutting corners. Consider the long-term savings. Sometimes you have to spend a little to save a lot.

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