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Arborists are tree experts who can help you with your trees. Once a tree is on your property then it’s your responsibility. However, people may be aware of the basic tree information and the purpose of the tree but they are not totally aware of how to take care of them in the correct manner. So here are some reasons why hire an arborists in New Orleans.

What is the job of an arborist in New Orleans?

Arborists are experts who have taken training on how to take care of a tree, including keeping the tree healthy, making sick trees better, and applying proper methods to improve the condition of the tree. They even cover other processes and procedures that are related to trees. Here are some of the things they do:

Tree Pruning 

Tree pruning is done to promote healthy growth, get rid of insects, and remove deadwood. Arborists are trained to do the proper pruning since every tree condition has different types of pruning needed. 

Removal of Trees

Arborists recommend removing trees if they are no longer serving their purpose or if they can cause danger. They don’t just remove trees for no reason. They follow procedures and use proper equipment to make the tree removal safe and convenient for people near it. 

Planting a Tree

Tree planting may look simple but determining the proper area and other factors are needed. Arborists are trained to check the proper place to plant a tree as well as determine the other factors when planting a tree. 

Tree Care 

Trees need the care to be able to blossom and grow to their maximum capacity. Arborists offer many methods to be able to give the proper care to the trees. 

What Equipment Do Arborists Use in New Orleans?

The equipment used by arborist are classified into three categories:


Arborist usually cuts trees, branches, and other tree parts. When they cut they need several kinds of cutting tools such as pole saws, handsaws, tree loppers, hedge trimmers, hatchets, axes, pruners, and a chainsaw for bigger trunks.


For rigging tools, they use cable hoists, ring slugs, power pullers, carabiners, rigging plates, winches, friction brakes, different swivels, and thimbles. Ropes also play a big role in the rigging. 


Climbing tall trees is not easy and needs to be precautions when doing so. Arborists used helmets, saddles, gloves for good gripping, saw protective clothing, radios for communication, straps, eye protection, spurs, and pulleys.  

How To Select The Most Trusted Arborist?

Check for Credentials 

Arborists are issued certification once they pass the examination. So before dealing with one ask for their credentials. During their training, the arborist is required to demonstrate what they have learned and practice best practices in caring for and handling trees before they get a certificate. 

Ask Quotations from Several Arborist

Asking for quotations will let you know who offers the best plus this is one way of checking and comparing how each handles their clients. Observe how they interact and you can also measure how much they know about trees. 

Get Recommendations 

Ask people you know who have already availed of their services and get recommendations. Direct recommendations can be best since they have already tried the arborist themselves. 

Pick Reputable Arborist 

Pick someone knowledgeable enough to handle your issues on your trees. Dealing with some who can show they are capable of doing the job can be the best choice. Plus deal with those who have the proper equipment. Check on their reputations through online platforms and read reviews and feedback from previous clients. 

So why hire an arborist in New Orleans? There can be a lot of reasons, now that you have an idea of what an arborist then you can hire them if you think you need them to trim your trees, remove dead trees or even plant a new tree in your yard. Trees can give you a lot of benefits, therefore taking care of them is a must. Hiring an arborist may cost you extra but be able to get the care your tree needs. If your tree is taken care of properly then you can maximize the benefit you can get from it. So get an expert to take care of your trees.