recently surveyed more than 3,100 owners about how they program to pay back for forthcoming roofing, siding, window, HVAC, and photo voltaic tasks. Study responses consist of the next highlights:

Expected financing for house renovations

While most respondents program to pay for household improvements in hard cash, financial loans and credit score cards will be applied by almost as numerous men and women.

  • Hard cash/Check out: 41.66%
  • Financing/Personal loan: 29.63%
  • Other: 15.37%
  • Credit score Card: 13.34%

Bank loan option preferences

For respondents who indicated they would pursue financing/getting a loan, a lot more than 25% hope to acquire funding as a result of their contractor.

  • A personal loan as a result of my contractor: 25.33%
  • Individual financial loan: 13.09%
  • Household equity bank loan: 7.39%
  • Home equity line of credit rating (HELOC): 6.30%
  • FHA or VA financial loan: 4.24%

Finance study timing

All those organizing to finance were requested about when they will commence investigating their financing options.

  • After conference with contractors/following studying much more about challenge cost: 33.48%
  • Soon after picking out a contractor for my undertaking: 18.55%
  • Ahead of conference with contractors/I previously started off investigating: 13.27%

“It’s paramount to compare three to four contractor rates ahead of your project to discover the ideal contractor, value, and funding selections,” advises Gregg Hicks, vice president of