For thousands of years we have built our homes from wood. It is easy to grow, easy to machine and strong. Since the industrial revolution we have built our homes increasingly more with concrete and bricks. These newer buildings last longer and are stronger. But, with the increased global demand for houses and the increased global price of houses wooden houses are making a comeback.

People are much more style conscious these days. We don’t want just a solid square building, painted white or magnolia, which looks the same as your neighbours home. We all want something different, something special. A wooden home offers many of us that something special we are looking for.

I think all of use are more environmentally aware. And this is increasing each year. Concrete and bricks and very un-environmentally sound. They require that the ground is dug and massive amounts of energy are used. Concrete lasts for a very long time. Have you ever seen the bunkers littering the beaches in Europe from the second world war? They are still there, and they are not going anywhere.

Almost all wooden building suppliers today source their wood from renewable sources. This ensures the future of everyone involved in that industry. When farming wood, which is what the forest managers are doing, the right sorts of woods can be grown. We want different woods to make furniture than we do to build houses.

Many of today’s wooden houses are prefabricated. This means the delicate machining of the wood can be done off-site, and even done by a millimetre perfect accurate CNC saw. So that when the parts arrive on-site to be erected, they fit together perfectly. This is important when you are building a house, or any structure that is to last for decades. Gaps let in the wind and rain, and that is what ruins a house.

One of the best ways of building a wooden house today is with a log cabin kit. Log cabins are traditionally very strong, due to being made with many heavy interlocking sections. They also look beautiful as we can see the parts that make up these lovely buildings.

Many mills around the world make and sell log cabin kits. They come with all of the parts you need to make a log cabin. They include double glazed windows and French style doors.

The log cabins are particularly suited to rural settings, holiday homes, and to add additional buildings to your existing property.

They are not restricted to homes though, log cabins can be used for garages, summer houses, pool houses, offices, stables and much more.

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