Every single year more and more people are moving to new homes. In the US alone there are millions of families moving. If you are moving because your company is relocating, then you’re in luck because your move is organized and paid by your company.

However if you’ve just left your job in pursuit of a better one, or you’re moving out from your parents home, then you have the entire moving burden on your shoulders. But don’t despair, because there are lots of places to get help for your move, and this article will show you a couple of great resources that you can use.

There are many great resources for people who are in need of moving, offering various things for free that you will need. For example did you know that you can get free maps, relocation guides, addresses of quality real estate companies and several How To guides that can be quite handy for your move? So here are some of the most popular resources that you can check out right now as well.

The Chamber of commerce is a great place to get maps as well as relocation guides. They either provide this to you for free or for a very small, nominal fee. You can get great information about the city you are relocating to, about the facilities, the educational system, even the type of churches available near your location. You can even get some useful checklists that you can use for your own move.

AMSA is the American Moving And Storage Association. They are an organization including over 3000 moving companies of high professional caliber that you can contact with confidence. If you check out the association’s website, you will find several How To guides specifically catering to your relocation needs. Also something I used once was a moving countdown calendar with a sixty day timetable that you can use day by day to get ready for the move. Very useful calendar!

AMSA in addition includes a list of CMCs (certified moving consultants) which are sales people who are experts at moving, as they have taken and passed a certification exam. Not only that but to show that they are serious about their business and not only some scam artists, they are paying every single year a fee as well as re-take the certification exam with new updated information that they need to know.

The website of AMSA is moving.org and you can check it out and download all the free material even before you visit their offices. This is an official organization sanctioned by the US government.

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