1. Not all moving companies are equal. First and foremost, you must contract with a fully licensed, insured and bonded moving company for all of your local and long distance moving. You wouldn’t hire an uncertified electrician to do electrical work in your house would you? Why? Because you don’t want your house to burn down. The same applies with a moving company, only you don’t want your belongings damaged. Of course, accidents do happen and you want to be covered just in case.

2. Good movers employ experienced professional movers. They have skilled crews which have decades of combined experience. You want expert movers who take pride in their work and get the job done right.

3. Ask for testimonials of their customers. A good company must have satisfied customers who refer you to their family and friends.

4. Choose a moving company with quality customer service. Try them out before you sign a contract. Call and see what kind of response you receive. Are they courteous? Are you satisfied with the way they answer your concerns? The kind of treatment you get now may be indicative of the way you will be treated later.

5. Notice if they care about details. Not all moves are alike. Some require additional stops. Some have a need for overnight storage while some require long term storage. Find out what their policy for these situations are up front.

Bottom line is you need a company you can trust who has the experience to get the job done right! Try searching online for such as Googling long distance mover Pittsburgh, local movers Pittsburgh or whatever city you may live.

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