Keep moving pandemonium at a minimum by completing moving day tasks ahead of time. By doing so, you’ll be able to supervise the movers without worry or distraction. The following checklist will serve as a guideline of tasks to complete on moving day, delivery day and after arriving in your new home.

Moving Day

  • Double check closets, drawers and shelves to make sure they are empty.
  • Check rooms, attic, garage and yard to make sure nothing is left behind.
  • Carry important documents, currency and jewelry yourself, or use registered mail.
  • Note all utility meter readings.
  • Read your bill of lading and inventory carefully (provided by the moving company) before signing. Keep paperwork in a safe place.
  • Turn off the water heater and lower the thermostat.
  • Get the name of the driver of the moving truck and give him your contact information. Review directions to the new house.
  • Have the final payment for the movers and tip money.

Delivery Day

  • Check your belongings carefully and note any damaged items on the inventory paperwork.
  • Prepare to pay the driver before your possessions are unloaded via cash, a certified check, or travelers checks, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
  • Supervise the unloading and unpacking.

New Home

  • Renew your driver’s license, auto registration and tags.
  • Shop around for new insurance policies, especially auto coverage.
  • Revise your will and other legal papers to avoid longer probate and higher legal fees.
  • Locate the hospitals, police stations, veterinarian and fire stations near your home.
  • Change the locks on all doors in your new home.

Use this checklist as a guideline for tasks to complete on your moving day, delivery day and after arriving in your new home.

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