Relocating residence can be a very stressful and anxiety ridden process if not planned systematically. The easiest way to get most of the work out of your hands is to hire the help of a professional movers company. The primary idea is to plan well ahead of time. The following moving checklist can help you plan things and chores well before the moving day is due and help prevent last minute panic and confusion.

  1. Most moving companies expect you to schedule a day for the move at least 30 days in advance.
  2. It is helpful to chalk out a week by week moving checklist.
  3. Start planning about four weeks before the move.
  4. Start with discarding things which you would not need in the new house- damaged furniture, clothes that you don’t wear anymore.
  5. You also need to check homeowner’s insurance policy to see if they cover the moving process. Ensure coverage, like theft, fire and other personal property insurance for your new place. Arrange transfer of school records for your kids.
  6. Three weeks to go means that you should start using up perishable items which wont survive the journey, like packaged and frozen food materials.
  7. Take care of your pending bills, tax assessments etc. moving companies do not allow transfer of flammable materials and aerosol cans and sprays as change in temperature and pressure can cause them to burst or catch fire. Use them up or discard them before the move.
  8. Get your tools and electronic appliances repaired and discard what is non- functional.
  9. It’s a good idea to arrange for travel tickets for you and your family about two weeks before the move. Remember to notify the post office and service providers like gas, electricity about the impending change in address.
  10. Start returning stuff that you have borrowed from those around you or libraries and start collecting things that you gave out.
  11. Dispose of cleaning liquids, acids etc. to protect your goods from damage during transportation. One week before the move would be a good time to arrange for disconnection of cable TV, and transferring bank accounts. Also arrange for domestic supplies at your new home.
  12. Getting a floor plan of the house would not only help you to pre-decide the arrangement furniture but help you to figure out what can fit and what can not.
  13. Keep important things like medicines and documents on your person or in the car if you are going to travel by one.
  14. Leave alone stuff that is to be packed by the movers company. Start packing other things and your suitcases.
  15. A day before the move would be a good time to clean and dry your refrigerator and finish packing your suitcases.
  16. On the moving day you should be forever around to give required directions, answer questions and sign documents like the bill of lading etc.
  17. Before leaving make a final check to ensure nothing has been left behind and all the doors and windows are secured.
  18. A moving checklist would help you systematize your move and ensure that things run smoothly.

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