People share the worst interior design fails they’ve come across

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When it comes to DIY, it is easy to make mistakes. But these outlandish projects are simply unforgivable. 

From a toilet in the kitchen to a washing machine above the bath, Russian Instagram account typical.rykozhop documents some of the very worst properties on the internet. 

The best – or worst – pictures were shared in a gallery collated by Bored Panda, along with other pictures of terrible mishaps of housing.   

Here, FEMAIL reveals the most outrageous design fails from a light switch on a doorway to a toilet dangling over the stairs.  

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a close up of a sink in a small room: These unbelievable design fails will have you doing a double-take. Whether down to bad planning or terrible execution, these houses have been struck down by shoddy fittings, poor choices and inexplicable additions to rooms. So, take a deep breath before you click or scroll and take a look at our roundup of the world's worst home design fails...

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