In the modern age of mail forwarding and online evites, some might argue that moving announcements are a thing of the past. They brusquely ask, “Who needs a moving announcement when the post office will forward all of your mail to your new address for free?” But to those who callously dismiss moving announcements, I pose this scenario:

Your great grandmother doesn’t have an email address. You count on her weekly phone calls to your mother to be sufficient as a warning to her that you have moved, and thus forego sending her a moving announcement. But, the week you move, she misses her phone call because she is in an intense game of bunko with her friend Edna, and she unfortunately decides that that’s the week to show up at your house with a batch of her mouthwatering, homemade double fudge cookies. She rings the bell, and when a complete stranger pops up to answer the door, she throws down those precious sweets and runs screaming in the other direction, “Why didn’t they send moving announcements?!?”

Although this exact scenario might not happen to you if you fail to send moving announcements, it is one of the multitude of reasons that moving announcements remain an important stationery tradition. At their most basic level, moving announcements help you stay connected with family and friends by sending them your new address, but their depth extends far beyond this primary goal.

Moving announcements remind people that you still love and care about them, even if you haven’t spoken in years. What’s more, photo moving announcements let you share snapshots of your family and your new home, encouraging your loved ones to stay involved in your lives no matter how far away you might live. Plus, most moving announcements are so general, they can be appropriately sent to business colleagues, acquaintances and other people who you might not necessarily communicate with on a regular basis, but who still need to know your current address. And, the absolute best part about stylish moving announcements is that the nicer they are, the longer they will hang on the fridge and the more likely your friends and family will remember your new address.

Stylish moving announcements are still the perfect way to let your friends and family know that you are relocating. Whether you say it with photos of your new home or just your heartfelt wishes that everyone keep in touch, these tangible reminders of your relocation are as important today as they ever were. After all, an email won’t necessarily make it to Nana-and it’s a shame to waste all those baked goods on the new tenants!

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