When you think of Virginia, no doubt a variety of images come to mind. The topographic diversity of the commonwealth inspires people to conjure in their minds pictures of the majestic Shenandoah Valley or the beautiful Chesapeake Bay shoreline. There are historical sites dating back to America ‘s pre-colonial days, and delicious local food and wine to sample. If you have considered a move to or within Virginia for work, school, or other reasons, perhaps you have narrowed your choices down to a few cities. Is Williamsburg one of them? It should be!

What are the benefits of moving to Williamsburg?

Whether you have retired, or currently work in government, or are just looking for a new career opportunity, Williamburg, Virginia offers a pleasant living atmosphere with opportunities for enjoying culture, history, and educational programs. Young families stand to improve their children’s appreciation for American history and government, while outdoor enthusiasts have access to tournament-ready golf courses and sailing. If you enjoy big city life but are not enamored by heavy traffic and high cost of living obstacles, Williamsburg is ideally located between the Norfolk/Virginia Beach metropolitan area and Washington, DC.

What are the challenges in moving to Williamsburg?

Though many Williamsburg homeowners enjoy lovely views of the water, you are more likely to be drawn to Virginia Beach on sunny days. If the commute gets to you, you may wish to consider alternatives for your time off. Because Williamsburg is a popular tourist destination in the summer, the thought of heavy crowds where you shop and dine was unsettle you, but it is possible to enjoy life year round without feeling stifled. There are many residential communities within Williamsburg that help maintain a sense of serenity, any month of the year.

Where in Williamsburg should you live?

It’s not the largest city in the Hampton Roads area, but land-wise Williamsburg takes up quite a bit of space. You will find there are communities in the Kingsmill and New Town area that may appeal to you, otherwise there are neighborhoods along the borders of James City County and Toano if you are interested in a bit of distance.

Buying a home in Williamsburg provides you with an excellent real estate investment. Should you find it’s necessary to move in the future, your property may work as a sought-after vacation rental. Also, property values in the area remain attractive, so you have many options.

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